Wednesday, April 29, 2009

MJ is a Liar

okay, my last entry was a lie
i've been wanting this MJ bag since last yr


i dun want marc jacobs
i dun want coach
i dun want juicy couture


Diana F+ With Flash Package Glow In The Dark
Turn down the lights, charge her up in the light and see Diana Glow! The Diana Glow is the ultimate analogue plaything - encompassing the novelty of Glow in the Dark nostalgia, 1960s retro-design and beautiful lo-fi shots that will take you aback. With the Diana Glow analogue is illuminated!


Diana F+ with Flash Package Chromiacs Edition
Shiny, shimmering, splendid! We’re talking about some of your favorite Lomographic snappers – the Diana F+, Colorsplash, Supersampler, and Fisheye 2 - dressed up in brilliant chrome! Prepare to be dazed - these limited-edition Chromiacs offers the same familiar features, but they grab extra attention with their looks. So put on that flashy attitude and start shooting with these dazzling babies!


Monday, April 27, 2009


I'm quite disapponted tday
it is a bad-RM4k/mth-investment of having an art director
(he earns more than i do)
so far,he has done nuthng to ease us
but, 'a debaran' at every submission dateline
i am not talking as 'bos kecik'
but as a normal staff
normal account executive in the company
'the door is widely open, mr A.D"

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Boring Sunday

it's 1.30 pm
c'on, kiau! lets plan sthng!

[ x ] shopping at OU? malas sikit nak jalan
[ x ] hair treatment? shah alam??
[ x ] jalan kat bangsar? panas laaa
[ / ] lets stay home for a bit
and ptg sikit we go minum okay?

(gambar2 ini hanya sekadar untuk, 'inilah kiau')

this is kiau and me
during whb's reception

this is kiau and me
on her bday dinner

(okay, we ended up go for shopping
i got myself a f21 jeans
kiau bought a wall clock, a dress
and a thumbler
since mineral bottle can cause cancer for some reason
oh! we went to survey for running shoe!
we've to start training untuk mt kinabalu
kiau wants to be at the top of kinabalu
in pink attires, from head to toe..haha)

Super Lazy Saturday

its hot ouside,
i canceled my lunch date w aboo
lying on the bed under the a/cond,
sounds better kan?
thesis? nope, i havent done with it
im on chapter 6 and 7 now
and then syabas, yg yahoo!
convocation will be in Oct/Nov
and I am to receive a scroll of Master's Degree
after all, its is just for a piece of paper ay?
thanx who supports
emotionally, physically and fnancially
and thanx to batchmates
for believing that we would make it this semester
(heyyyy i am supposed to continue
my unsettled chapter 6 and 7 now!!!
not to do 'acknowledgement' here)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

i want a baby

thith ith me when i was little ;)
i always envy those people
who got married early
and have babies
babies are cute! *cubit*

Friday, April 24, 2009

Heritage Row

Azlan Salim uploaded on facebook
a row of pictures
of our heritage visit to India during 3rd yr.
ngeh ngeh spot me
macam best la pulak ingat balik
kiau! jaja! bob! lin!
jom travel
okay i couldnt remember exactly the name of the places, except taj mahal
other than fatehpur sikri? nope

sigh and yeay!

it'll be a tiring day tday
  • photography session at tabung haji
  • meeting with Malaysia Airport Bhd
  • EAES exhibition site visit

tapi, yeayy! ptg ni jumpa aboo!

(hak hak..everythng was canceled, except the second one)

yesss, nt seeing aboo tday :(

so, no yeay

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pretty Happy

syg comell!!

walau pun di Wendy's,
i just wanted to look pretty on his birthday =)
he was happy on his bday, like always
i love you so much, no doubt
(lambat sgt entry ni..dah seminggu lepas)

Terima Kasih

with all the love i possess,
i am your knight
A comment on my fb wall made my day today
Thanks to you
U know i love you