Monday, November 30, 2009

Bob is getting younger

+ we (faha, kiau, jaja, sarr and meself)
threw a suprise birthday party for our lovely bob yesterday

+ Faha baked a special French Chocolat Cake with Ice cream for us
+ Super yummmyy

+ The cake came with a special candle too!!
+ Damn you Faha. Havoc.

+ Chef Jaja cooked Australian Salmon Carbonara ;) Yummy too!
+ and meself just made a local style Lettuce with Potato Salad

+ and we spent the rest of the night playing Guitar Hero
+ the birthday girl wasnt that bad playing the guitar,
tak aci, she attended guitar class
+ such a wonderful night

+ and I love Bob to bits

Thursday, November 26, 2009

holy day

+ i work halfday today
+ so, what's your plan?
+ a movie?

+ anyway, Salam Aidil Adha and Happy Holiday!

+ i recieved a call from Link Club tday
"ok cik lina..selain touch and go dan fireflyz,
cik lina juga akan dapat potongan harga
seandainya cik lina nak makan di pelbagai jenis restoran
Modesto's atau Donkey Donut ke.."
+ mengarut la ini semua

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Layar Impian

+ a song by Ella
+ yeah, thats the name of the song
ive been searching all these while

Monday, November 23, 2009

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Most people dont see it
Some people see it,
but not their's
Can u see yours?

Luck is like a ghost

Friday, November 20, 2009


+ welkam meow (bukan nama sebenar) , to our family!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

the plan

+ we are planning to go to Koh Lipe during Xmas
+ we (kiau, jassy, jaja, ina, *faha and *bob)
+ so far, tentatively we are going on 23rd and be coming back 27th
+ that's the best date for everyone, kan?

+ flight to Langkawi is quite cheap (RM 159, return)
+ ferry frm Langkawi to Koh Lipe is not that expensive too
+ and jaja is in charge for the accomodation
+ the plan is.. 1 night stay in Langkawi, and 3 night stay in Lipe
+ tanak Porn Resort plsssss, hahaha
+ so, its Bundhaya Resort
+ near to Immigration...and Army station too!!

+ other than that, check with your HR and pasangan okay
+ minta consent and approval
+ lepas tu, kita enjoyyyyyyyy

+ plssss make it happen kawan2
+ i'm excited!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

jot down

I'm jotting down some important notes for my business plan

Things to do:

+ find a good company secretary
+ settle re: registration and MOF
+ check 'kod bidang'
+ scope of work
1) Space Layout Design and Planning
2) Signage Design and System
3) Building Fabrics and Maintenance Services
4) Street Furniture and Maintenance Services
5) Landscaping and Groundcare Services

6) Disabled (Elderly and Kids) Facilities
+ find a good asistant
+ approach existing clients

+ friends with B.Sc.Arch/ B.Arch (or equivalent)/ M.Sc.Facilities Management are encouraged to help/ join on part time basis

+ we cannot depend so much on RCB anymore
+ it's time to expand

+ headache

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


+ jasara mentioned about a Vintage Shop in Sg Wang
+ yeah, maybe we wanna go there, one of these days
+ yeah i know it's kinda hard to catch jasara to go together
+ but, ill go alone if she's too busy earning money
+ and i really hope they have these kind of vintage clutch there
+ or anyone can suggest me where to get a vintage clucth?
+ a pretty one pls
+ and i want to have a vintage hairdo also
+ haha..i wanna look pretty like her!
+ :p

Vintage 1965 Newsweek with the 60s iconic covergirl Jean Shrimpton

Monday, November 16, 2009

the curvers

+ i was at the curve on saturday with kiau abu and ayol,
and on sunday with kiau, jaja, killah and faha
+ jasara's paintings semuanya comels
+ sorry, i didnt buy anything
+ because i know i can do it myself, heh

+ Faha, I LOVE YOU

Friday, November 13, 2009

weekend plan

1. GULATIS - shopping kain2 tak sudah

2. lalu lalang at FLEA MARKET the curve,
Jasara Awang Adik gonna meng-hapus kire her paintings
during her degree/ masters programs.

Come join us people,
find something for your home deco and gifts!!

3. FAHA, i hate you

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


+ ive been sitting on my chair without moving since morning,
okay gerak sikit2 g toilet
+ lunch, i got myself kfc..2 minutes drive and got myself back on the chair
+ life's boring, lagi2 bekerja
+ actually, life's boring kalau tiada kerja atau goyang kaki

+ yaw, i went to Pavillion yesterday
+ see, i told ya, saya goyang kaki
+ i went to teman my sister to pay her monthly visit to Juicy Couture
+ nuthing's new, no new stocks
+ so the sandals she wants is not in Msia yet

+ we walked in to Marc J before heading to the parking area
+ cukup syarat
+ heh.. a crush on a MJ bag
+ tapi mahal la kan, tak mampu den
+ kalau MJ tu murah, saya beli 4 beg itu
+ anyway, im waiting for my next achievement too

+ it's killah's bday tomorrow
+ should i get anything for her?
+ if yes pon, ill get her to any shopping complex and choose yourself okay

+ i'm so wanna go home now
+ nak baring2 sambil watching the simpsons
+ dah 3 hari berturut2 saya duduk rumah after work,
okay minus semalam, after pavillion
+ count for me...another 14 minutes to 5.30pm!!

+ bye!

+ oh oh! ive got myself a fascinator
+ jgn jeles

Monday, November 9, 2009

after 16 years

+ it was yam's wedding
+ after 16years ,
everybody happy to catch up with each other
+ dari muka berhingus, dan pelbagai perangai
+ ada yang suka geletek org, curi pensel lah
+ and paling henry gurney, Shah Jahan!!!
yes, last we heard Shah Jahan masuk Henry Gurney
Kan sha??..(dia suka lisha dulu)
+ and now everyone has grown up, physically, big..haha
+ and these two ladies were my close friends during the years,
and still are
+ my crime partner
+ pergi kedai amri beli ais krim,
makan dalam tudung masa bulan puase masa sek agama
+ lisha, wan and ainul, i am arranging a date with mama yin
+ cant wait!!
+ thanx feroz for being a dedicated photographer

Busy and Tired

+ it has been a tiring days lately
+ woke up early morning to reach shah alam at 7.45 am
+ the event (East Asian Entrepenuers' Summit) started
on 4th November and ended on the 6th November,
+ Delagates from Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Korea were mostly there at the convention
+ and many mistaken me as a delegate from Thai or Korea
+ and many mistaken me as the secretariat of the event also

+ Frankly, i'm a bit of tired to entertain that YB
+ a never ending project with her
+ keep on doing changes, dari hari ke hari mengikut the development of her ideas
+ i passed the ammended/ latest video on Saturday morning as she needed it to be used on Sunday
+ later she called at 2pm,
"Ey liana, the DVD cannot be opened la, no sound. how like dat ah?
Next time aa, u check first lo before submit it to me. Haih"
+ then, i contacted my supplier to duplicate another copy for her
+ 3o minutes later, i received a text for the YB
" I managed to open the DVD through my computer,
No need to send me a new copy"
+ I relieved
+ But, later at 11pm, she rang me again
"Aiyak Liana, u have to gimme me a lower resolution of video la.
My computer can only run the video for 1 minute only, something wrong la.
How ah? You arrange with my driver, tomorrow u give me ah?"
+ "Aiya YB, if u tell me earlier, i can do it for you. Now late night already,
No body's working"
+ Eeeeekkkk! I wonder, dimanakah pekerja-pekerjanya yg lain?
+ Sheeesh

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


+ its first week of november, and my work is piling up
+ alhamdulillah for the rezeki God given
+ but deep inside, im too lazy to handle all of the work
" Patience is the most necessary quality for business,
many a man would rather you heard his story than grant his request. " -Lord Chesterfield
+ there's a list of things that i wish to happen in life
+ but it's, i know, not happening soon
+ i want this, but i have to sacrifice
+ i wish for that, but i have to wait
"Patience is the art of hoping." -Francis Bacon
+ so yeah, let's hope i can get what ever in my wish list
"Patience has its limits.
Take it too far, and it's cowardice. " -George Jackson
+ let's see how long can i take it
+ or ill just scrap it
+ duit pon save, hati pon tak terbakar