Wednesday, March 31, 2010

my robin hood

birkin and kelly

I never knew what the difference between a Kelly and a Birkin is. In fact i never noticed the existance of Kelly. Heh. Kampung.
So I googled and I found a blog with interesting info about both bags as well as the differences.

About both bags:
+Prices for both begin around $7,000 and can go well beyond $50,000
+Part of the price of all Hermès bags is the privilege to bring it into any boutique to be sent to Paris for a “spa treatment” where the bag, no matter how old or abused, will be bought back to the best possible condition…for an additional cost of several hundred dollars
+Both bags can be customized to the buyers specifications
+Locks and keys are number-coded
+Lining is usually made of goat skin that matches the color of the exterior skin
+Identifiable by their metal-tipped clasp, which can be closed with a tiny padlock (and the clasp’s hidden key often dangles from the handle in a leather sheath of its own)
+Not sold online and never ever will be
+Famous for their waiting lists
– Remember on Sex and the City when Samantha used Lucy Liu’s name
to score the red one faster?

The Hermès Kelly Bag:
+ Named after Grace Kelly
+ Became famous in 1956 when Grace Kelly (then Princess of Monaco) used one to shield her pregnant stomach from the prying eyes of the paparazzi
+ More formal than the Birkin
+ Comes in 5 different sizes
(although possibly more from looking at the Fall runway show)
+ It takes a single craftsman about 18 hours to make one
+ The waiting list for the Kelly it is 3-4 yearsEven that is the minimum. Could be longer.Crazy isn't it?

The Hermès Birkin Bag:
+Named after Jane Birkin (who has an interesting history with the company)
+5 Birkins are produced a week at the Hermès Atelier in Paris
+More casual than the Kelly & has a slightly younger more bohemian appeal
+With an open top, it is easier to open than the Kelly
+Both Jay-Z and Lil’ Kim have both rapped about the Birkin
+The waiting list for the Kelly it is 1 - 2 years.


Anyway, go google 'Private Hermes Collection'. A woman named Katherine owns 74 Hermes bags. Katherine is a lucky lady, but Gila! With the money she spent, boleh beli tanah siap buat rumah 4 tingkat..

But Victoria Beckhams has more than Katherine. She is rumoured to have 100 Hermes bags.

I doubt I would ever afford to buy one..;) if mampu pun, should i? Super mahal.
but, but, but...dream big, I would love to be able to buy one of these as a 30th birthday present for myself nanti. Hahaha. Sempat kumpul duit kan? Tk pon beli yg fake je lah, or the one with no brand at all. Bangsar banyak..;)

are you going?

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Act as if you were already happy
and that will tend to make you happy
-Dale Carnegie


Monday, March 29, 2010

family weekend

+ have u heard about GIBS?
(Gabungan Ikhtisas dan Usahawan Bumiputera Selangor)
+ my dad is a member
+ yeah, i attended the AGM to receive hadiah kecemerlangan anak2 GIBS
+ i'm RM700 richer now (minus RM100 kasi mama)
+ Kejohanan Memanah SBP was held in KUSES
+ i went to Kuala Selangor to give my two adiks a support
+ Amir won Gold medal for every category, oh no, satu perak
+ Amirah didnt do well sangat, low stamina
+ easy support statement "kalau dapat satu je gold, ayah belikan iPhone"
+ but it didnt happen fuhh

+ it was super panas, torturing
+ but im glad Amir and Mirah were happy to see us happy supporting them

+ and this is Amir
+ He's on FOKUS SPM April Issue Cover Page ;)

+ oh Energizer Night Run 2010?
+ I will upload photos once puteri tags me on fb

Friday, March 26, 2010

run running ran ran

i will be joining
Spot me! P10429

Thursday, March 25, 2010


+ so we (jassy, bob, jaja and meself) went for a beginner yoga class yesterday + i kinda like yoga + i found ketenangan, and thats the only time i can put aside every messy thngs in life + if only i can do yoga everyday, i would be happier + beeeauuutifulllllllllllll

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Never chase ppl who dont want to be caught. When ppl shut their ears, shut ur mouth. #ihatequotes


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

k i r s t i n

+ it is just a Coach, not Burberry, not Anya too
+ tapi saya NAK (perasaan membuak2)
+ i first saw this bag on Karla's blog
+ it's super cheaper if i buy it in US,
anyone going there?
+ aahh Susila Rynndu is coming back soon!
+ should i?? ;(

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

i envy them

1. mazlin tagged me on a fb picture.. 2. i hate her.. 3. i wanna be with them (henny, sanah and lin).. 4. malaysia is not fun anymore.. 5. puke.. 6. aaaanyway, everyone is panicking abt abang's wedding.. 7. chill okay.. 8. just gimme the money, and ill do everythng.. duh.. 9. yoga class, tmrw.. 10. this time is for beginner 11. intermediate class is strictly for no beginners, not bad je actually 12. it's just i dunno if i did it with the right technique or not 13. hope itll be a light exercise 14....butttttt, i miss Matthew already!! haha :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

a lil bit of my weekend

+ ive been a good daugther and sister lately
+ went to watch Alice in Wonderland
with the sisters and lil bro on Friday night
+ the movie finished at 11 sumthng,
went back straight to catch my sleep
+ because the next morning i have to drive atuk and nenek
to Sabak Bernam for a wedding
+ it was quite tough to layan elderly sbnarnya
+ banyak jugak kerenahnya
+ i reached home around 4.30pm
and my mum's relatives pulak datang
+ tiring

+ since i had a very tiring saturday,so i thot i wanted to have a peaceful Sunday
+ i went for Yoga at Energy in Plaza Damas
+ heheheh..peaceful sangat!
+ bending bones and twisting body, close to tears
+ but the instructor sangat nice
+ aboo went for a morning run, and he had to sleep after lunch
+ i decided to pamper myself and went for a 'wash and blow'
+ alang-alang trim sekali
+ alang-alang i asked the girl to blow my hair curl ;)

+ tadaa!

+ walaubagaimanapon, harapan to have Pho Hoa
on Sunday evening for early dinner menjadi debu
+ banjir kilat di kawasan kota damansara
+ so we went to Pakli instead
+ to hear abu got called up for work was not a nice feeling, at all ;(

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


when it is sthng good
it just worths nothing

when it is too close
it just means nothing

and sometimes...
when you can't fix it
you just better leave it

sometimes i run, sometimes i hide
sometimes im scared of you
la laaa la laa ;)
-Britney Spears
ha ha, eh lagu tema ke?? :p

venting just a little

i have not been in the best mood lately
and it's distracting

Sunday, March 14, 2010

my 5th run

+ shite, my 5th run already (yeah i should have a picture of me running at the finishing line, but takde. I reached the finishing line too fast kot..;( But to have a bf waitin at the 'meeting point' as promised lebih menggembirakan, but that wasnt happening too. Dua2 pon tak dpt. So, not my happy day)

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Friday, March 12, 2010

laksa jusco

+ i know i just had the nyummy assam laksa few days ago
+ but i feel like having it again now!! ;(
+ OMG sangat banyak makan
+ whats happening to me??

(check out my new digital signature!! hehe)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

i thot it's Anya's

+ Anya Hindmarch is having Sale!!! (??)
+ someone received an invitation and thot of goin
on thirteen.february.twentyten, not!

+ hahaha..saya kena tipu (senang nye, esp benda2 sale)
+ dalam hati saya berkata,
"oh this is the sale yang i went with Faha and Bob the other day.
I didnt miss anythng"

+ it's not a sale invitation card guys, but a wedding
+ but, it's so pretty kan?
+ i love the colour and the idea of doing it such way,
but the fact that it has an anya's logo on it tu macam over

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he was not a doctor

+ My grandfather did a guest list for my abang's wedding + he has a really beatiful handwriting, kan? + he was not a doctor, but a teacher ;) + he's 76 y/o this year + i remember my dad told me, atuk would normally spent for hours to do his school's report almost everyday just to make sure it'll look nice + haih, very time consuming lah pulak kan

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


+ meet my new friend, Lola !
+ a.k.a Oyen's gf
+ got her at the same pet shop i bought Oyen
+ semua ayah punya pasal, dia yang hasut
+ bayar split two

Monday, March 8, 2010

shoe kick

+ semua ini terlalu comel !
+ im so gonna do some painting of any of these pretty shoes
+ bila? tak tauuu ;)

the two girls

+ These two girls ive known since i was in Matrix UIA
+ after a few years of friendship, they made their own direction
+ Linda left UIA for LimKokWing + Perth, and Huda went to MMU
+ jadi, tinggal lah saya seorang ;(
+ but the friendship stays till now

Sunday, March 7, 2010

satu per tiga

l .o .v .e

Location: Outback Steak House
Date/ Time: 6 March 2010 (8.30pm)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Girls' day out

+ we went to the Old Blossom Box Store after work today,
i mean yesterday
+ it was Farihah's plan
+ we spent 2 hrs there (shit, satu kedai je 2 hrs)
+ without fail, Farihah made sure everyone going home with something
+ it was funny to see kiau tried out my baju (???!?)
+ she thought its Old Blossom's
+ it was funny too to see jaja straight to the counter and paid her item, afraid if one of us would grab the vintage shirt

+ some might think shopping is boring, but not us
+ sorry Kamal Hadi, bukan kedai mamak tau
+ kesian dia
+ but thanx for tagging along, fun kan?

+ who wears it better?
+ it is not a competition ;)
+ and that's how we spent our time together
+ oh did i mention we went for ikan bakar at jln bellamy during lunch?
+ burp!

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pho Hoa

+ i had Pho Hoa (J2) last Thursday with Faha, Jaja and Kamal
+ and...nak lagiiiiii..skang!! ;(

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FTAAA Cross Country

(above: the power couple)

+ im not sure if i wanna do cross country again
+ separuh mati
+ the trail umpama memanjat kinabalu
+ i shouldve brought power gel,
or hired a porter to seret myself..haha

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