Friday, October 29, 2010


As i reached home after a dins dins (heh!) with mr A just now, the TV was on - channel 707 (Globe Trekker) - Travelling around Germany, from Munich to Berlin to Rothernberg and bla blaaa... NICE.

i googled, and found this blog - a group of student went travelling around Europe for 19 days. Wish i had a group of friends that can travel around the world together... have a schneeballen with gelato in Rothernberg..:)

oh i went to London-Amsterdam-Paris-Barcelona (a reward from my dad after completing my degree)...and realized that, i havent redeemed my master's yet...*tingg!!* idea)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

i like the way you lie

..but pictures do not lie !!
sebab tu lah ina tak banyak ambil gbr lately ni, heheh

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

octopus RIP

Henny was once confused between the two, Octopus and October
She asked me if could come in Octopus to Melbourne
the answer was NO, obviously.

so, the Octopus died in October
elok lah tu

Monday, October 25, 2010

my first tanah scheme

IF only the government suddenly comes out with that kind of scheme, i would be the first to have a tanah and build a house. Mana lah tau, tetiba dalan Budget 2020 ke. Ha.

It may sound like a dream, but again, mana lah tau..;) Yeah, I dream BIG, bigger than you.

As i was googling items for my FAMA exhibition tender, i found these pictures. Some say it is not a practical house, but practicality is subjective. To have a flat roof in Malaysia is okay as long as it must have at least 15 deg slanted roof to avoid air hujan bertakung.

Ah! let it be as a dream for now dulu k? Nanti dah ade duit/peluang baru cakap lebih k? Tak mau cakap pum pang pum pang :) Alexander !

btw, the 'My First House Scheme' which was recently announced in Budget 2011 is really interesting. A chance for me to get a house which i think by next year, RM 350k worths a rumah pangsa? Mabe not. Tapi tak kesah la, still a good thing. The scheme offers for those earn Rm3k below (hehehehe)..yeah, i earn below than that. i know my father will never help me out in buying a house, just like some fathers do to their children, but..only time will tell, bilakah?


Pictures credit to

Saturday, October 23, 2010

bucket bag

B&L FW 10

im in love !!!!!! :)
(dun remind me on the two bags ive got recently)

busy bee

I have been very busy lately, and serabut too.
Work is okay so far, Study is not so okay.
I havent submitted three assignment so far
not because im a bad student, memang kena hanta next week
except for the policy paper,
ive been delaying it for a week already.
I hate it when there's so many assignment and work at the same time,
and especially when some clients are being bitchy and suka hati mak dia.
Yeah, client can be very bitchy, lagi horror than any bitch u know :)

aaaaaaanyway, before saya terlupa,
Linda had a housewarming on the 4th week of Syawal
OMG kire dah 2 minggu lepas la jugak, heh
So yeah, Me and Huda were there
menikmati makanan2 yg dimasak oleh Linda sendiri. ENAK !
..and Huda yg tak pernah2 cnfrm dengan tarikh kawen,
padahal segala persiapan sudah dirancang haha
too excited ek? not good jugak ek
(okay, i refuse to elaborate)

Jadi sekarang saya nak belajar,
(atau nak tido?
i always have this small thought in mind believing that
if i sleep early i would wake up early
dan masa itu lah saya belajar,
so far it never happened..the belajar part, not the tido part)
exams will be on monday and tuesday,
im still not sure to take leave or not

Wish me luck people!!!!!
(People=Kutu, Kuti, Kutat dan Azman)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Puan Hasnalisha

Sorry guys, she's married.. :)

Lisha is my chilhood friend,
pegi sekolah jalan kaki together,
singgah kedai Faris beli aiskrim,
or kedai Amri beli gula-gula..
geng garfield ;)

I was at her solemnization ceremony to share the moment her
and.. was close to tear hearing Maisa sebak membaca lafaz taklik

to Lisha & Maisa
(Lisha, u know ull read this :))
Congratulations to both of you,
As u begin your happy life,
May all good things be yours.

Jangan kalut pls?? hehe

Thursday, October 14, 2010

i want a book

i am a student, i want, i want !! :)

slurrrrprise lixia !

Sorry Lixia, no strippers were invited.
The original plan was just to have a meni/pedi session before her BIG day.But i thought, it would be nice to suprise her with a bridal shower dinner w the girls.
(Ermaaa!! mana kau?)

YOU were suprised kan sha?? :p

Have a good marriage life and may good bless both of you..
(Ingat, jangan nervous!! relaxxx hahaha)

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Perasaan malas nak mamps untuk membuat assignment
can someone do it for me??

Malaysian Government provides a comprehensive support services for SMEs through various ministries and agencies. Briefly describe these services.

..dan malas juga untuk collect Nike Run race kit di Avenue K

..i woke up at 12pm tday just to eat and watch tv. great.

ok lah bai. nak g makan ice cream dengan abu..:p (canceled)

Friday, October 1, 2010

pifty six

1. ive been super lazy these days, compared to last week 2. prolly because the dateline has been extended 3. i think, i put on weight during ramadhan, not so much during raya :) 4. i skipped my lunch today, but had nasi lemak for bfast instead 5. im looking fwd to Nike Run next weekend, 5km only, sprint all the way kah kah 6. oh, i love my long hair now.. tapi macam malas la kan nak jaga kan 7. oh oh, have i told u, all my classmates yg berumur are no longer attending the class? dato aziz switched the mode of study to 'research', so no need to attend class. Abg Yusoff got an offer from USM, Penang and Abg Yusak simply tak larat..and now only 9 of us left 8. i was excited waiting for subly balik from Paris, tapi dah tak excited period - 9th Oct heheh 9. im hungry now 10. im still hungryyyy 11. i promised myself to get the essay done by today, so that i can start on the industrial policy and organizational architecture's term paper 12. can someone help me on the assigment? ill love you more :) 13. on a different note, i suddenly in love with vw beetle in beige or red..ngehehe.. shhh !! (so far tak garu tangan kiri lagi)

H2 is 19

(entah apa yg lucu tah)
This was during H2's birthday few weeks ago :)
Photo credit to Azmi Mohd Nazran