Monday, July 7, 2014


Heloooo, it has been months, I'll need to update..:)
Baby girl has turned 1yo two weeks ago. Baby girl was so lucky to get the chance to follow her bapak to Istanbul and celebrated her birthday in Istanbul. We left Kuala Lumpur at 12.30pm Local Time on 18 June 2014, and reached Istanbul at 6.20am Local Time on 18 June 2014. The 10 hours flight to Istanbul Atatürk Airport was quite challenging to me, as the baby girl refused to sleep, so I had to bring her walk around the plane. The flight coming back to Kuala Lumpur even more challenging as the baby girl cried hysterically on the last one hour before landing. It was not easy.
Overall, we enjoyed the short holiday. Istanbul is nice, liking the weather. Baby girl enjoyed the food we had. Kebabs, ice creams, juices etc! I think she thought that she is now a big girl already, dah one year old kan. haha.
Sharing you some photos: 

Look at that happy face upon reaching Istanbul Atatürk Airport!
The girl and mommy, having lunch near the AyaSofya
The girl being the center of attraction pulak

With bapak, on the way to The Grand Bazaar
Family photo, Elminonu as the background.
Look at that baby bump, was on my 25 weeks of my second pregnancy :)
Oh, did I mention Tok Mom tagged us along as well?
Both baby girl and grandma has so much fun bonding together.
Cant you see? :)

Mommy loves you, to the moon and back.
Be a good girl as you have always been ok?
XOXO, Mommy

*Posting this entry for a record.