Thursday, May 28, 2009

pretty people

this is pretty
i always wanted to wear denim skirt
like this
but high waisted?
saya tidak yakin =)

i want her hair

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

tell me

tell me..
what should i do with this
don't count.
ini bukan kuiz. heh.

single plan

aboo is away to perth tday
coming back on friday, but..
i've started to think my life next week without him for 13days
he'll be away to london
okay, plus 2 going to spore
cry, cry. shitttt. 2 weeks
okay okay, ill go jogging everyday kot?
movie with the girls??
kiauuu, jaaa, bobbb! lets plan sthng
masak2 at kiau's setiap weekend?
perhentian maybe? (dalam hati, nak pegi dgn abooooo)
oh plss la kerja banyakk
its kinda bad timing, im very busy this week
and surely next week not so busy
oh thesis ammendment to submit by friday nx wk. boring.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

one to ten

1. currently i'm into lomography.. 2. i jog at least 3 times a week.. 3. today's MC for jogging.. 4. aboo is coming over to kajang..woohoo! yeeha! hoorah!.. 5. i want soya berperisa ros, i bought soya berperisa kacang merah instead..yucks!.. 6. i'm delaying my ammendment on thesis, knowing i've already LULUS.. 7. i'm busy with Selangor Investment and Promotion video.. 8. i'm going to Spore in June and KK in July.. 9. i hope the lomo arrives on time.. 10. i love my job..

Think it over

If someone asked you today,
" How do you feel about your work?"
What would you say?
Maybe you're enthusiastic,
loving what you do- good for you!
Then again, maybe you're feeling continually unfulfilled.
If so, now's the time to begin thinking through your options.
If this is just a busy 'season of life',
these words may help:
"If God calls you to do something,
he'll equip you to do it".

Friday, May 22, 2009

lomography !!

woo weeee!!
im getting a lomo camera



i really hope to capture theseeee kinda pics
the mini lomo can do black and white too~

nice or not?

okay, hilang focus kejap
ni nak tunjuk gbr lomo ke gbr bag?
cuba teka

Thursday, May 21, 2009

busy bee

urgh..i hate today
a busy day, tiring
run here and there for Selangor Investment video
had a meeting with YB Teresa and her investment adviser
the video needs to be done by end of May
which means, we only have 9 days to work on it
craaazy, thanx YB Teresa
but..but..but..gaining 98k in a week is not bad at all kan?
plus.. dad promised an iphone once the job is done
niceeee, thanx YB Madzlan
ini bukan rasuah ye, it is some kind of motivation
hahah ! muahs, i love you dad

okay okay, i need to continue with the shooting schedule
no jogging today =(

oh, and i'm happy that the cute face's guy won the A.I

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

i cut my hair

i cut my hair today
not shorter, but layered
nice or not, tak kesah
as long as it'is slightly nipis

Sunday, May 17, 2009

i jogged 5 rounds

my weekend was good
had a lazy weekend w aboo
lunch at sari ratu, balik tido
aboo went for jogging, and i still tido
dinner at rasta, ate kepok lekor
i havent recovered fr the surgery i had last thursday
i finished my pain killer tho
i want to jog, but cant
i jogged 5 rounds, tipu
these gbr are nothing related to any event ths wk
sorrryyy, tapi saya suka sgt gbr2 ini
so, i just thot of posting it out
Happy Working tmrw!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

my wishlist

1. iPhone 3G (i can wait till July for the latest iPhone)
2. Compact Camera (preferably Canon ixus 80 IS/ 95 IS)
3. new laptop (not necessarily, im done w thesis)
4. hmm..hmm.. Lomo Camera ( a cheap one would do)
5. Purple Marc J Hiller Hobo (haihh..nafsu)
6. Facial Treatment
7. the Schwinn
8. Aboo 24hrs

oh durian runtuh.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

words of wisdom

i had my wisdom tooth removed tday
super painful
the root of the tooth is a bit weird..or unique?
it is curved, relatively harder to extract
what he did was, he incised soft tissue to open
grinded the tooth into section
and extract the tooth out in pieces
the dentist turned the 'light and' louder
and as i heard 'superwoman', sedar tak sedar dah sejam berlalu
and its finally done
nestums, soups, mashed potato and porridge
will be my besftrens in the next 3 days
MC for 2 days
but tmrow still hafta attend meeting at Tabung Haji

for those who had never been on wisdom tooth removal surgery, good luck
for those who had it before, sila lah beri kata2 semangat kepada saya
fifi, thanx for keeping the words of wisdom coming. i love you

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

i jog at my own pace

Jogging is a type of exercise that involved running at a slow pace, usually for an extended period of time. It is considered one of the most effective forms of aerobic exercise and is invaluable for maintaining overall health.

However, jogging does come with a certain amount of risks, like many different types of cardiovascular workouts. Therefore, each individual should know their own limits. Jogging is meant to increase endurance and, in many cases, is used as a way to build endurance in preparation for other types of sporting activities.

Jogging is widely practiced in by nearly all types of professional athletes and is practiced to a lesser extent by many others. In some cases, athletes may prefer to jog as a competition in and of itself.The key to jogging is not to max out the jogger's heart rate, but find the right amount of exercise that will result in a healthy heart rate. Often, this is 60 percent to 90 percent of the maximum, depending on the results desired. Maintaining a heart rate closer to 60 percent will achieve weight loss. Pushing the heart rate closer to 90 percent will build more muscle.The maximum heart rate is normally calculated based on age.

Maintaining a heart rate more than 90 percent is not recommended. This is called pushing the heart into the red zone. Once this happens, the heart cannot pump oxygen into the blood fast enough to satisfy the body's requirements, which will eventually lead to a shut down of systems. While this is usually not a serious health concern, it can quickly cause a cessation of exercise activities, at least until the heart rate subsides.

In the most serious cases, this can lead to cardiac arrest, which can be life threatening.Those who plan on starting a jogging routine should, as with all exercises, first consult a doctor. Don't start too fast or push too hard. Those who go from very little physical activity to an extreme amount are more likely to fall victim to injury.

Therefore, any exercise program should begin gradually, with activity increasing along with endurance.

Source: wisegeek

Sooo, i jog at my own pace
i am not an athlete =)

and i dont dare to risk my life

my BMI

heyyy am i underweightttt??!
stop jogging ina

Monday, May 11, 2009

Confession of a Shopaholic

Was i born to be a shopaholic? i hope not (tipu nye)
but, my list keep adding up..without decreasing
ini semua nafsu! hehs

im glad that i don't fancy make-ups
okay, i only have ONE 3 coral lips MAC
other than that, a boring Revlon Holiday Shades,
Maybeline Shiny Black mascara,
Elianto Duo Refill Pencil (RM 5 per refill)
oh and yes, Pinch o'Peach MAC blusher
the one my sis bought for a bday present
ohhhh i am not THAT high maintenance, am i?
don't talk about bags. i dun have much expensive bags
the cheapo bags, yes banyak
i dunno what to do with it, mostly unused..ebay?
but remember the hiller hobo? the black color wont be in again
im considering the new season's color..purple it is

sandals? mostly pakai sekali dua..okay not, setiga empat
the favorite ones, selalu sgt pakai sampai tak ter-rotate dgn yg lain

baju?..i'm currenly into white shirts/ tops
easy to match kot
abes baju kaler2 nak buat apa?
simpan dan akan pakai ikot hati, okay?

apa2 pun, i think my wardrobe is to small to put my clothings
its time to get a new one
haih, wardrobe pon nak shopping?? shitttt ina

however, im trying to avoid shopping complexes
sebab.. i dun have much money to shop
i cannot swipe anymore, independant
okay maybe boleh sikit2, i need sports attire (nak jugakkk)
and i still want the schwinn

hopefully will get my incentives soon
and that's for my ASB =)


i'm speechless
(nak ambek gbr2 camni jugak bole tak?)

Sunday, May 10, 2009


- i jogged again tday
- i went out to find mama (my mum, not husni) a bday present
- i had dinner at uptown on saturday
- i... i...hmmm
oh shit it was a boring weekend. damnit.

Friday, May 8, 2009

seiring dan sejalan

- i need to do site map for ssic website
- my billing reached my target so far
- i need to find mama a bday present
- mum and dad are away to Penang
- i wanna be away too
- i saved rm290 for kinabalu trip, thanx love
- aboo likes my running shoes
- i plan to jog tday w adik kila
- i have many plans for the weekend
- ok byebye.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


aboo's bday bbq.
a celebration again.
semakin tua, semakin meriah!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Vintage bikes! How cool is that?

These classic looking bicycles really attract me.
It would be so fun to cruise around on these vintage bikes kan..?
Wicker baskets filled with flowers, fresh air and the wind in my hair.
okay, maybe not in Malaysia.

Anyway, someone is selling
a vintage bicycle imported from Japan
26" wheel size, attached with new lamp and a new basket
for only Rm240

boleh catkan kaler putih kan?

or should i just ask nenek if she has one?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Hmm..i bought this shoe tday
im supposed to get a Running shoe,
as in Running atas jalan.
tapi kan, tapi kan..
dalam website asics,
it stated it is a running shoe
tapi running shoe that suits for walking, cardio and running
ok la kot.
okay, i bought it sbb lawa.
hehehe. forgive me, people.

Asics Gel Harumi
Women's Running shoe

Monday, May 4, 2009

the jumpers

kawan-kawan saya memang terel
baik lelaki, mahupun perempuan
(port dickson. new year's eve)
sub, sorry. i still prefer the text to be centered. haha.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

wedding pictures

havoc sungguh bila bersama
tidak kira di mana berada
ha ha!


oh people,
i always thot its 52 kg
i was wrong, + 2.5 kg
no no, im not pregnant
and no no, i didnt eat rakus-ly
but why???...

training for mt kinabalu should be started in two weeks time
hopefully ill lose some weight
okay, lets hope people
hope ill join the training. haha! me to decide

a BlackBerry Storm


an iPhone 3G (white)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Friday, May 1, 2009

52 at 25

okay 1. currently i'm watching 'weird travels'.. 2. i had too much of toblerone lately .. 3. i'm going to watch 'wolverine' tnite with brothers and sister.. 4. in exactly one hour, aboo will be back from work (can-kul)..woohoo! yeeha! hoorah!.. 5. i'm hungry..mushroom soup with pottage macam sedap.. 6. i'm delaying my mesiniaga case studies and the whole chapter 7.. 7. i'm delaying my laundry too.. 8. going to visit mazlin at UH tomorrow and go to mar's wedding before dat.. 9. i hope Dr Sabarinah is taking her own sweet time checking my final draft.. 10. i had a good time last nite, naili's bday celebration at regency. will load the photos okay. esok. luse.. 11. I'm 52 kg. gems.