Tuesday, September 29, 2009

sidang 1


119. Arlina Binti Ahmad
120. Ashida Binti Harun @ Arshad
121. Bibi Sabrena Binti Sakandar Khan
122. SAYA !
123. Maszamri Bin Abdul Gapar
124. Mohd Fadzli Bin Ariffin
125. Raja Mazyah Binti Raja Aminuddin
125A. Roseline Anak Ikau
126. Siti Atikah Binti Ghazali
127. Siti Izzati Binti Mohd Noor
128. Wan Zuriea Binti Wan Ismail

SIDANG 01 - 15/10/2009 (KHAMIS)
+ alfi dtg kay? i tau u off

mee rebus melawati

bob: can't beat the original mee rebus.. someday maybe.. with a lot of practise.. :)
ina: original mee rebus sedap okay.. yang tak ori pon sedapppppp
wan, kiki, faha and jaja

Friday, September 25, 2009

Lebaran 2oo9

+ raya yang memenatkan ;) just because i have to cook everyday
+ 1st day raya - nasi dagang
+ 2nd day raya - soto
+ 3rd day raya - nasi impit and mee hoon
+ oh not to forget all the must-haves - rendang, lodeh, lemang and bla bla bla
+ it was fun to entertain small cousins, babies and kids
+ mercun every night, the lil bro kedekut utk menghabeskan all the stocks
+ plus, makcik depan asyek melatah each time bedilan
+ duit raya? i only got the one and only from aboo
+ so hows ur raya so far ppl?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Eid Mubarak y'all !

to all my readers, silent readers, stalkers and friends

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

another celebration

+ an iftar at kiau's place was held to celebrate:
aliza - she's going to oxford soon
jaja - her belated birthday
kiau - her new d'rimba

+ thanx to mia, the dedicated photographer + bob, for teh mee rebus + thanx to aliza, for the ayam + idahman, for the daging and nasik + firah, for the sate + baini, for the murtabak + shazu, for the super-ring + sarr, for the potato salad+fozzzzzzzz, for the late iceeee + and thanx kiau, for the rumah yg cantik + to aliza, all the best + guysss, u can have a peaceful life after this + and boleh service telinga sekali, no more bingitttt

Saturday, September 12, 2009


+ oh mama, thanx for the break-fast session at your mama's place
+ the food was niceeeee, super nice

+ we had a mercun session after berbuka
Rules to play mercun:
+ Don't run towards mercun
+ Make two teams
+ Attack each other, in any way and every way
+ Don't hear the don'ts, play inside your house
+ Aim your own girlfriend ;)

And mercun makes you realize:
+ doctors are crazyyy, lelaki mahupun perempuan
+ you have a tomboy friend
+ siapakah dalang sebenar, ya dr. syed itu
+ u can never get muntah-ed if u have mercun

+oh well, thats how i celebrated my 4th Anniversary
+ thats a true celabration
+ Happy Anniversary Love

Friday, September 11, 2009


1. im down with flu and cough, it has been 3 days already.. 2. tak demam, sikit je, not more than 38 deg.. 3. im going to husni's tday, for break-fasting and his bday celebration, i think 4. MO Outlet is on sale 70%, but no liana 5. an annoying raya song is playing on 105.30FM..ala dangdut kot 6. i have two layers of kuku now, remember the one yg tercepit pintu?. 7. i hope dad will give us duit raya this yr 8. cotton on is now open at pavi, i loike

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

1Liana, 1Heart

1. I remember, i havent celebrated/wished Merdeka this year 2. if pojek took three sundays to add my friend, i took only another sunday to kibar jalur gemilang 3. im busy in the office lately, busy with kad raya 4. have to start distribute by monday next week 5. i need your address if u want my raya card 6. happy belated merdeka Malaysia 7. 1Malaysia, people

Monday, September 7, 2009

Iftar at Aboo's

1. i had a great weekend.. 2. and..its public holiday today, woohooo.. 3. i need to settle t.haji e-perolehan though 4. ..and going to amp park to cash my cheque, the boss gave some incentives ;) 5. i had good time with my besties last nite 6. i am a baju melayu's supplier, sapa lagi mau? rm65, 80% cotton. damn you ayol. tapi tak kesah. 7. i want that rm 80 gold kurung, should i? rm 80 je, but rm 80 tuuu 8...im not feeling well tday, selsema sikit

Friday, September 4, 2009

it's friday

+ as usual, masuk lambat 9.45 am
+ first thing, buat2 buat busy
+ menyesuaikan diri dengan keadaan office
+ check exhibition booth layout drawing
+ check mock up for tender tbg haji
+ ym with husnibadry

+ im still not sure what to get for abu for our anniversary
+ he'll for sure suprise me
+ i love suprises, but pls tanak suprise yg 'ahh ini?'
+ hehhehe..but the second yr anniversary's gift was the bomb
+ cuba teka

Thursday, September 3, 2009

go go go !

just thot of sharing
courtesy of Bouboutime

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


i LOVEEEEEE incentives
terima kasih kepada yang terlibat
secara lansung atau tidak lansung

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Love of my Life

" Most of the happiest times of my life
are times you and I spent together
deep inside of my heart
i've considered you're special
a friend for all times
to confide in, to count on
and treasure
and because of you
my world is a happier place."

seoul bulgogi

+ to have break fasting session at Seoul Bulgogi, now Seoul Garden is like an annual event dah for us
+ the first time was in 2001, with the tkcians
+ last year's break fasting - memorable
+ i celebrated my 3rd yr anniversary

+ aaaanyway, the food was good
+ cuma malas nak masak

+ thanks to hus and tom tom bak for organizing it
+ buat lah lagi