Monday, August 31, 2009

just for laugh

+ get a better translator

Sunday, August 30, 2009

stop it liana

+ baju raya dah ada
+ kasut raya pakai mana ada
+ beg raya paling ada
+ baju raya abu pon dah ade

+ im done with shopping
+ saya berjanji tidak akan shopping lagi, saya kena!
+ i bought the bimba y lola bag already
+ 40% + 10% (Bimba declared to gv Lola 50% - all items)
+ only on 30th and 31st August sempena Merdeka Sale
+ nice eh??
+ soooo...meaning to say , i hv extra money to spend
+ hihi..i bought another bimba y lola
+ pumps shoe
+ and MAC Powder plus Foundation

+ so yea, ive got everything i wanted
+ i dun want to spend anymore
+ i need to save more
+ i just need more ibadah
+ ;)
+ terawikh tonite

hari baby sedunia

+ it's Saffiya Qaisara birthday!!
+ we had an birthday iftar at jaja's plc at ibukota
+ the food was really good
+ sbb ade ulam raja dan sambal belacan
+ kiau org london
+ 1 Saffiya Qaisara, 1 Malaysia
+ i forgot to take picture of the cake
+ and i felt guilty for not getting anything for Saffiya
+ we shouldve bought a dress for the cute girl with the curly hair
+ comelllll
+ kiau shows the motherly side of her
+ baby 2 bulan pon dia berani pegang weyyy
(thats before she knew the baby's 2 mths old)
+ and since we were so near to's place at bkt antarabangsa
+ we decided to visit her newborn baby boy
+ looks better after giving birth
+ tak la anneroxia kan mcm faha..heh
+ lepas tu ade la pulak org gatallllll nak nasi lemak kg baru
+ tak dapek jack, n.lemak mali sudah
+ faha kemaruk dapat keta baru, pusing keliling kl
+ to drive with kiau as kelindan is stressful kan faha?..haha
+ but we had a really good time together smalam
+ awh..after sooo long..sgt susah nak gatherkan 5 org ini kan?
+ i love you bob, kiau, ja and paha
+ apa?? esoh, maya and mia? entah

Friday, August 28, 2009


+ i think i get bullied by my lil sister
+ to do a merdeka cartoon is not easy
+ she prepared the storyline and storyboard with the help of the bro
+ 'nahh na, lukis kan'
+ 'aaaa mcmana nak lukis grenade?..'
+ 'aaaa ni apa?..tu apa?'
+ damn it
+ ive spent half day doing it
+ duduk ofc pon bukan ade keje sgt
+ ill post the completed merdeka cartoon later k?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

charge my phone!

+ i bought my baju raya already, 2 helai for only RM 79 (top only)
+ i did the mix and match with my kain-kain just now, not bad
+ sent kain for a kebaya to my tailor at ampang park tday
+ but jangan harap la siap before raya, 3rd week raya maybe
+ my bro is getting engaged on 10/10, so yea, baju-abg-tunang
+ semangat

+ i went to isetan klcc tday
+ while waiting for berbuka
+ bimba y lola, 40% less
+ ill get it before monday
+ sale ends by end of the month
+ pressure..moneyyyyy come here!
+ oh ill get my incentives soon
+ yeepiee yeehaww

+ im not excited to get a very nice and expensive baju raya
+ but handbags
+ ;)
+ yeah i checked out aseanna too
+ but nuthng catched my eyes

+ it's 11.50 pm already
+ my lil bro is still playing with my phone
+ tap tap revenge 2
+ he only knows to play games but not to charge the phone

+ good nite kutus
+ good nite people
+ good nite malaysia

kerana sup sayur

1.aboo needs to eat more sayur.. 2. saya miskin.. lagi miskin dari student.. 3. saya berlari-lari anak kehujanan semalam.. 4. ...kerana semangkuk sup sayur.. 5. i need more games on iphone, nak dload apa?..6. tidak berpuasa lagi lapar dari berpuasa, agree?.. 7. i need to start painting balik, but when?.. 8. my frens are rempits, look at the pictures..

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

entertainment for you

+ dear kutus..
+ someone needs an entertainment
+ he suddenly found his life is boring, lately
+ it's ramadhan!
+ do sthng boring but good
+ terawikh and puasa =)
+ or..or..a resume?
+ hahahaha..
+ go download good songs
+ ..'chasing pavements' by adele
+ ..'i told you so' by carrie underwood
+ ..'soulmate' by natasha bedingfield
+ or u want some lovey dovey song?
+ ngeh ngeh ngeh
+ f!

+ anyway, lets go to Tiruchirappalli korang!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

happy for her

+ im happy for u miss jasara
+ she's accepted to be a lecturer at Lim Kok Wing Uni
+ and get paid quite well too!
+ damn it

+ yes korang, jasara jadi lecturer
+ her worries - to hafal nama-nama si kulit hitam

dottie dots

Acrylic on Canvas

Dottie Dots

what do u think? comel kan?
it's 80% complete
i am to go to Tesco tday to get sthng for the finishing

Birdie Birds is on the way

Monday, August 24, 2009

how was it?

+ hello people!
+ how was ur puasa so far??
+ the first two days of puasa sangat best
+ the weather was sedap-to-tido
+ slept untill 12pm during the weekend
+ i went for terawikh at masjid kajang on saturday
+ and surau al-falah, kota dsara on sunday
+ yus and ayol gelakkan saya pakai tudung
+ syaitannnn'irajimm! eh tak tak, syaitan'iyahudddd!

+ anyway its funny to layan bad mood people during puasa
+ enam vs. satu
+ im on your side momma

+ two stalkers asked me to update my blog this morning
+ apa lu mau??..hahaha

+pictures taken with an iphone, and the outcome is still good ey?

Friday, August 21, 2009


superbusy with the new gadget and upload new application.
oh yeah.

+ check out the fringy..! nice.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

damn gay freak!

+ i came late to the office again today..9.50 am
+ semalam pon
+ and im not doing my work now, but blogging
+ very bad

+ i watched tv3 360 yesterday
+ its scary to see how people can be so gay
+ taman tasik kelana jaya and taman tasik permaisuri are their ports
+ tv3 revealed true stories of gays activiies
+ serious scary
+ they make out at the park, on a table, with a few of them watching it
+ and then..
+ "rumah kau clear?"
+ "jom balik rumah kau..boleh kita 'berenang-berenang' sesama"
+ "aku massage kau"
+ this guy is married with 3 kids
+ damn it
+ dont go to taman tasik at night
+ u might be one of the mangsa
+ hahahaha
+ damn gay freak!
+ but they earn RM 46k a month
+ interesting
+ so u wanna be a gay??

+ i want the hippie bimba & lola
+ now, now, now!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

bistro twenty 8

Subly is 28 already! Ieeewwww. Celebrated at Bistro Seven, Medan Damansara, with a yummy tiramisu cake...and its a welcoming gathering for the kutus yang pergi Amsterdam. They sang the annoying song over and over again..and im sure we have to bare with it untuk selama sebulan lagi?..hahaha.

Mazlin, happy bday to you too. Hope u had a good celebration with your sayangs..and we'll try to make a small celebration nanti sekali with jaja's okay darling?!

Monday, August 17, 2009

my weekend

We celebrated my (advanced/belated?) birthday last saturday. Thanks Husni for organizing the party for me. haha, no wonder tetiba ramai je dtg. Good job mama. (korangg, jgn la percaya its my birthday, ini semua taktik husni nak meramaikan majlis je) Anyway, we had dinner at Hartamas and went for chillexing at Solaris. Yeah, finally lepak Solaris. Nak harap ayol, tak dapek ah.

Aliza is going to Oxford soon for her Masters Degree. So, these are the pictures during her kenduri doa selamat, bukan majlis pertunangan saya ye.

Other than dat, im half-way painting the streetmachine. Sikit je lagi. Kalau rajin, ill continue tonite. If not, just wait. haha.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

high school

These pictures were during my years in college. Semua gemok, jenis makan tak sedar diri. Zaman supper makan burger and kek gemok. Kening tebal and muka tinted esp. band members. Pakai braces sbb rase cam smerce?..hahhaha.

awhh! i miss TKC. Life was easier, except for senior yg garang during juniors time. Do the routine, school hours during the morning, band practice during prep petang, homework or tulis note during prep malam. Dates after prep malam. Makanan yg seronok.

Parents visit during weekends, or even better bring for house shopping. Kenny Rogers at Seremban Parade was the bomb at that time if keluar town.

Haihh.. i miss high school. Blame it on Mia! She uploaded her old pictures on FB and believe it or not, imy inbox flooded with 100 notifications everyday, 1600 comments on the photo album.


+ i miss aboo badly today
+ the girls, tkcians are going to Gunung Nuang tmrw
+ nak ikot plis :(
+ tapi mesti aliza merengek if we're nt going to her kenduri this sunday

+ bart simpsons dumped his psychiatrist
+ i watch the simpsons almost everyday after work this week
+ theyre funny

+ kutus, tmrw we go Solaris okay?
+ for real, this time
+ ayollllla! make the plan

Thursday, August 13, 2009

no complain anymore

+ ive been complaining abt my target billing
+ it's a busy week
+ meeting with YB Nik Nazmi at Pejabat MB regarding a video
+ a never ending discussion with YB Teresa Kok tomorrow
+ to submit quotation to MAB for Merdeka ads
+ to submit visuals to MAB on Monday
+ to submit raya cards design to SSIC
+ to set an appointment with KLIA Holdings
+ to meet Mejar Kamaruzzaman at KLIA Training
+ to settle T.Haji A/Report English version
+ oh! to settle Digicert's buku nota
+ ...tiring
+ no complain

+ terima kasih tuhan for the rezeki
+ terima kasih Aboo kerana memahami

+ have i reached my target billing?
+ ......

+ anyway, H1N1 is scary for me
+ B1N1 maybe a scary thing for you
+ no seriously, i need to put on a mask
+ but can i have yg kaler2 ? hee
+ esok gak pakai!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


tiba-tiba, semua orang baik melayan ina
sweet kan?

kiau: ko perasaan nak buat ape ptg ni?
kiau: mmg la kitorg baik nak layn koooooooo
kiau: sbb ko tak reti singleeeeeeeeeeeee

hahahha! fak ah kiau
ayol pon

but they did a good research and plan
terima kasih

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

home alone

+ let's go to Nepal
+ husnibadry, pls plan for it
+ jgn bawak abu, im sure he's nt interested pon
+ tapi nak dia gi..hehs

+ single life's sucks
+ no wonder, they hv to do the lies
+ balik cepat aboo

+ im home alone now
+ i wana go eat
+ mia, jom!

Monday, August 10, 2009


Acrylic on Canvas


patches of colour ey people??!
i just love the colour combination
other than that, nothing special

p.s i love you

+ now only i have the reason to hate him
+ not because the fact they're together
+ we've been cheated gile babi punya all these while
+ thngs are getting obvoius already
+ so, we were right
+ thanx to all yg meng-support the lies

+ i miss aboo already
+ i hope they'll find the bag i want, a cheap one

+ i may not need your support for my hobby
+ because it is in my blood to do painting, and i just love it
+ but anyway, thank you very much for ur existance in life
+ p.s i love you

+ trouble is a friend

Saturday, August 8, 2009

a tired saturday

+ i woke up at 7.30 am this morning
+ i am very tired now
+ i ate only sikit je kambing
+ thanx to everybody who made the effort to come
+ boringgg
+ have fun in Amsterdam, you, you and you

Friday, August 7, 2009

botak chin

+ a dinner w the family tonite at johnny's
+ im nt feeling well
+ i had panadols and dehydration salt
+ im going to have a nap now
+ ill cut my hair if my bf get his whole head shaved
+ kutu, dont hasut him
+ ayol is a school kid now
+ shiras is a doctor
+ sub nearly hitted a motorist, haha
+ .......
+ kiau is not going to make a caramel, i think
+ jasara said she wants to bake sthng for tmrw, yeah rite
+ mazlin is coming tmrw, huurah!
+ im so want to go to perhentian...but..hmm
+ ..
+ .
+ zzZzZzz..

Thursday, August 6, 2009


UIAM Convocation 2005

+ i need to fill up a form and to be submitted before 14th august
+ i do not know when will the convo berlansung
+ this is my second convo
+ im too lazy to berpusu-pusu during convo
+ i want to wear a nice robe, hopefully ill get the size
+ i found it fun to study, nak blaja lg
+ but i cant stand the migraine
+ would you come to my convo with flowers? haha

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Amaranthine Love

Acrylic on Canvas

I'd like to say that my grandparents are God's gifts to me. They give me an unconditional love, kindness, patience, humor, comfort and lessons in my life. I owe a lot to them.

pulp fiction

+ i woke up late lately, 9.30a.m, for two days already
+ i am to collect a new gadget today
(notttt. fak maxis. i need to wait untl 18th august. yeah man, tunggu sebulan.
TTDI outlet didnt put me in the list after deposit made on the 17th july. not my mistake.lousy service. dah takde perasaan dah on the gadget. senang citer, hang call lah bila dah sampai k?)
+ i am to teman mia to see doctor tmrw
+ i am lazy to work
+ i havent reached my target billing yet
+ i need to find new clients
+ but painting is my obsession
+ oh ill be single the whole week nx wk
+ ill get the pulp fiction's series done okay
+ and the Ranunculus flower too
+ banyak nye painting list
+ it's a practice
+ let's celebrate, its Mia's Birthday..and ninie's too. Haha!

Monday, August 3, 2009

atok 03/08/09

Watercolour on Canvas

So, this is the one that atok painted. Hik. Comel. Nottttt bad at all apa, for a 76 yrs-old-man. I told ya, i got it from atok, the baka i mean. He signed it at the back "ATUK 03/08/09". This is something ill keep for life.


How do u like my new name? Viana! hehe. These are the pictures during daddy's bday dinner at Sri Thai as planned. My aunty, uncle and cousin came last minute to join us, it was fun tho, to laugh at their silly jokes. Anyway, I love you dad. Hope u enjoyed the dinner.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Acrylic on Canvas


I started my sunday with an empty canvas, and i just thought i should finish it before 3, im going to see aboo. So yea, here it is..! and bye, i need to take a shower. Chalo!
+ i missed Lenka

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Acrylic on Canvas



+My workstation where i normally do my paintings was suddenly being ambushed.
+It started with my lil bro.
"Na, ajar la aku paint na"-"Eh na, aku tak paham laa"-"Ko buat apa tu?"-"Na.."-"Na.."..
+5 Minutes after, Tok we pulok mari..
"Buak go dio tu?"-"Lagu mano?"
+10 minutes later, atuk teko..
"Kue gawek opo?"-"Kue buat koyok kie..petuo kie"
+and suddenly tempat ini menjadi kedai kopi sementara menunggu lunch siap
+I must say that my talent is from atuk jawa. Oh he asked for a blank canvas and watercolour. He wants to do sthng with it, lets see what happen w the canvas nanti ek?
+this is my workstation/ kedai kopi
+but im thinking of moving in to the new house soon, very soon
+ i can have my own space, i can put my drafting table and sofa bed. yeay
+ i can sneak you in too! haha. tanak.