Thursday, November 17, 2011

hope and faith

less than three months to the wedding
preparation is going well, glad i started early
wedding dress 1, going to the tailor in Ampang Park tmrw
walaupun im still unsure on which design to choose
yes, i am fickle like that
and will be going to Penang after that to meet the tailor for wedding dress 2
sambil2 join the Penang Bridge International Marathon

i am currently down with mild fever and cough
was busy with sister's wedding last weekend
lack of sleep and rest, that is why
but im alright, still can go to work and classes

i had a lot of thinking and pondering before sleep lately
about life, marriage and yada yada
i was ready and eagerly wanting to get married, at one time
not saying that i have changed my mind
but the feeling of...scared of being someone's wife
i understand the obligation and what nots
but it becomes scarier to think whether if he can make me happy all the time
without being neglected or ignored
and it becomes scarier-er to think if i can make my future husband a happy husband
agree with his retweet on twitter

RT: Falling in love is one of best feelings in the world,
but falling in love with the wrong person is what I don't wanna feel.

Can't say anything much, i guess
but to pray and have faith
minta dijauhkan benda buruk dan dikurniakan benda yg baik2 belaka
and i hope this feeling is a reminder to me, to be a good partner
and importantly, a good wife to him
memories are always be the things that give us the strength

I am doing the best for the wedding
because i believe that the six years of love deserves a celebration
and i trust, the love that i have now is the purest and the best i ever had

"Beginnings are usually scary and endings are usually sad,
but it's everything in between that makes it all worth living."
- Sandra Bullock in Hope Floats

Sunday, November 13, 2011

the 11.11.11 couple

Introducing the newlyweds
Killah + Fairuz

Have a long and happy life together!

Friday, November 4, 2011

hundred days

Hundred days left to my wedding
Let's enjoy single life! :)