Tuesday, June 30, 2009

menuju puncak

uhuk, uhuk!

im off to kinabalu today. will be reaching kinabalu airport around 12am and will start to climb up to laban rata before 10am tmrw. i need to be sure that i sleep on the plane, hopefully.

  1. toiletteries
  2. jacket
  3. jumper
  4. kasut cap gajah
  5. winter hat
  6. tights
  7. gloves
  8. ape lagi??
  9. ape lagi???
i bring 3 bags: beg tarik, back pack, toiletteris bag and a handbag. hey, thats 4. i pack my climbing things in my back pack, and i put the bag pack in my beg tarik. haha! think like mr bean.

to strip at the top of the summit? no, no. not a good idea! haha

okay, bye bye people. Wish me the best of luck.
See you on Monday nx wk.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Huge Success

The boss has viewed the Selangor Investment and Promotion Video this morning. Yeah, after about 2 month doing the video, dia baru tgk harini. The more-or-less-the-end-product. Comparing from last year's, this yr kurang masalah or maybe the masalah saya yg tanggung semua? hehe. I would say, the production team this year is easier to deal with and tidak berkira. Iye, inilah semangat melayu. So anyone nak buat corporate video? Gimme a call.
Im going to Kinabalu tomorrow right after work. Yes, saya still pergi kerja esok. I dont need a day off for packing. Siap ade presentation to YB Teresa Kok lagi. Just hope the presentation tmrw will be okay, or else ill be resah while climbing up to the summit.
The FOs are going to Kinabalu today, to get the accom and etc. Good luck and have fun.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

gajah in style

My own Abibas. i dont need to spend hundreds for shoes, i dont need to favor NM for bag pack and i dont need efforts to be style. Haha. RM 6.90 + RM 3.90 to own an Abibas. U want? It's RM 39.00, discounted. Harga kawan2. Abibas Gajah.

Anyway, a friend of mine, Zakiah Abdullah baked cupcakes, tribute to Farah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. I found it cute and very thoughtful of her.

2.0 - 0.5

I woke up early for morning walk at bt kiara tday.
Its quite tiring, okay not tiring. 2.0hrs - 0.5hr (waiting) = 1.5hrs of walking up and down.
It is proven that running shoe is not meant for hiking, duh!
N.lemak at Village Park was good, minus bad and late service.
Adidas kampung is comfortable and i hope it doesnt bite my foot during the climbing.

Anyway, im too lazy to hear comments, but i can read comments.
Remain silence if u wanna be a silent reader, or the button below is a click away.

But then again, "better" is subjective.

Friday, June 26, 2009

'Better' is very subjective

For me, EOS is better than Golf GTi.
But for you, Golf GTi is better than EOS.

For dad, he's thankful enough to have this and that.
But for mum, she expects better and demands more, without saying.

okay, i dun want to elaborate more.
im sure this happens to everyone, okay maybe no.

but, i love Daddy. Bias. So?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nenas or Coke?

1. i skipped jogging yesterday, raining.. 2. i have started packing sikit for Kinabalu.. 3. i still cant decide which pants to be used naik Kinabalu, okay, i dun have one actually.. 4. i found amir's Majlis Sukan Sekolah Selangor back pack, yeah ill wear that.. 5. i need more jobs to sustain the billing.. 6. the total billing for EAES is less than expected..7. i wish to work in PNB so that i can naik 1000 steps of stairs.. 8. im too lazy to go to tv3 to collect the dvd.. 9. i eat a lot lately..10. i need to induce my period, nenas or coke?.. 11. Today's Faha's birthday. Happy Birthday darling.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The pictures were taken during my final year in UIA. I remember ni zaman fairul kaya and bought a mac powerbook. My frens just loveee to put old pictures on facebook, and laugh at my kanak-kanak face. But, i kinda like these colourful pictures. Credit to Frule.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It is a relief

Say Yeay!! The Art Director is tendering for resignation tday, and i dun have to see his face by tomorrow. Walaupon RM 4,000 x 5 bulan telah terbazir, but its a relief that he decided to go and i dun have to envy him to earn more than i do. Fair!

Anyway, i need to find adidas kampung for my trip to Kinabalu next week. I wonder if they have it in various colour. I want to be at the summit with style, remember? hahahah. I googled "adidas kampung" and i found this.

Which one do u like better? For me, obviously the the white one ;) Maybe i should get it at Ali's Store here in Kajang. Im sure they have it. Kajang has almost everythng, you see. hehe. So i dun see the prupose of moving out to Dsara, YET.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Trouble is a Friend

Woke up in the morning, thought i could have a yummy n.lemak depan 7e. But the makcik wasnt there. Walked up to the office, thought i could have a nice coffee with cig. But the boss called up for briefing. I knew the briefing sure lamaa punya. Binggo! 1.5 hrs. I just hate to listen, because its the same shits he talked about. A bad start of the day.
One event coming up in November (EAES 2009), tapi dah kena submit proposals and quotation. Im good in marking up. Biar saya yg buat quotation itu! Bagi saya semua duit itu! In my dreams.

The show - Lenka is on NM's last entry.
Yeah, cheeky. I like.
Trouble is a Friend - Lenka is good too. Cute.
Enjoy the video.

oh. i eat a lot lately.

Eh waitttt! one more video that surely will entertain you.
The hottest by Lenka

Sunday, June 21, 2009

White and Green

I've been hanging out with my best friends and good friends lately. We went out to Pavillion today, had brunch at 12 pm (yeah, it's a trend now to have brunch at 12 pm, kiau cakap) at La Bodega. Bad service. Oh anyway, we spent our time laughing, eating, and making fun of each other and other people too. It's a beautiful friendship.
Abu bought a top from MNG for me. Cantikkkk, simple and it's GREEN. Okay, frankly it's biase, MNG Basic. I never thought of trying any color other than light or pastel colours. Pink or light pink or purple or light purple or turquoise and my favourite, white. Heh. Yeah, green is nice too, cuma i just think its so not my colour. But, why not trying, its FREE anyway. Haha..tapi betul, cantik ;)
Went to Pakli after that kerna saya mengidam makan assam laksa. Iye, saya selalu mengidam.

(Aboo first attempt on lomo)

Went for jogging after that, macam biase. Subaidah after jogging, macam biase. (Oh nampak sgt malas dah nak menulis pasal pakli and jogging kan?). Okay, im off to bed now. Tmrw banyak keje. Client pon dah start call malam2 camni. Haih. Nites people.

Latika and Jamal

1.lazy saturday.. 2. i watched slumdog with daddy and amir..i like the movie.. 3. i went to SBP Orchestra Finale .. 4. TKC won 1st place, SDAR 2nd and SMSAH 3rd.. 5. i cant wait for another holiday in Kinabalu.. 6. im getting the Sollie Lacoste soon..7. i cancelled Ibiza Lacoste.. 8. i didnt go for jogging today.. 9. i want to karaoke with the girls, bila?..10. i have ipod tee, and abu has ipood's :).. 11. jaja ponteng jogging seminggu already. haha

Thursday, June 18, 2009

spore vs. msia

1. i still love lomo pictures.. 2. i jogged yesterday and straight off to supplier's place.. 3. i finished ammend Annual Report Tabung Haji at 7 a.m.. 4. i missed shooting session at Westport today.. 5. i am hungry.. 6. my ipod is rosak, and need RM 470 to fix it..7. i want that pretty lacoste shoe.. 8. i have so much of pending work.. 9. i earn little, and work more compared to the art director..10. i want to be a housewife.. 11. i hate lesbians

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Singapura on lomo

As Promised, more pictures of Singapura on lomo.
Enjoy! ;)

From top: China Town, Sentosa Island, Kampong Glam, Underwater World and Haji Lane

Envy me for having a lomo camera ;)

okay, this one exclusive punya.

Same Same. Cute ey?
pst: fai, ko suka kan?? nak yg atas ke bwh?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

clap clap

im done with this.
hip hip hoooray!!

Monday, June 15, 2009


i spent 3 days, 3 nights in spore with the girls last weekend. frankly, i must agree with bob, it is a boring spore and if i were bob (who has been working there for almost a year) i wouldnt sedetik pon thot of staying there longer..lagi2 nak ambik PR..haha. weird.

okay, shopping there was a bit disappointing. there was no spore big sale or whatsoever. but i bought myself a pair of sandal, a dress, 3 tops, 1 shirt. semua tu yg murah je la. lagi murah dari Haji Lane. haha, Haji Lane. It is a nice row of secluded shops. i mean, ONLY the shops are nice. barang disana..hmm ok la..but, immmmported items! only one piece for every dress/ tops sold there! whoahhh vely lucky lorrr. only one piece mehh??..dah , dah. Violence!

other than that, i pity singaporean:

  1. to have a fake pantai
  2. for paying for parking even at their own rumah
  3. ...kiau, tolong tambah
  4. ...jaja, tolong tambah
  5. ...kila, tolong tambah

but, i enjoyed:

  1. taking pictures
  2. to see weird people
  3. spending time with my bestfrens
  4. bergaduh with the auto-pass indian lady

ok, im tired. more pictures to come. and remind me to tell u about Holland Village :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

myself vs. temptation

i just can't say NO to this Dior 2457.
Look at the casing. Sedih je.
Anyway, im so happy for my result today.
Thanks to all for the support, financially or morally.
Kena tunaikan nazar.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


painted by Noriyati 2009
a.k.a najwa's mum ;)
kalau cakap kiau's mum,
mcm tak nampak baka tu turun ke kiau.
haha. kiauuuu, i love u.
painting. that's my next plan after this. thesis is done. macam seronok la pulak. jadi nya, segala janji2 yang pernah saya luahkan kepada sesiapa akan dikotakan. heh.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


sorry for not telling
sorry for not announcing
it initially and intentionally to be kept secretly

yes, this is inamadz's blog
and yes again, i have time for this :p

im a GRAND-daughter

I went to accompany atok to fix his glasses today. He's been complaining about the lenses 'tangkap tengkuk' bila pakai. so, after hearing the complaint for couple of time (and since i was so busy with work and didnt have time to bring him), i decided to take halfday (okay, 3/4) of working today to entertain him.

While waiting for atuk, I was reminiscing my younger years when atuk used to sent me to school EVERYDAY by bicycle (ala2 Schwinn hehs) . I sat on the palang, and my healthy cousin sat on the back seat. Never he complained about sending me to school and i believe he enjoyed it, kerna dapat berjumpa kawan2 yang sama2 menghantar cucu.

Atuk turned 76 on 30th May, this year. I forgot about his birthday and didnt even wish, my bad. Im sorry. But i managed to make him happy today. Im glad i did. The amount that i paid for the glasses is not an issue. Bila lagi nak membalas jasa?. He's 76 and counting, mintak dijauhkan benda2 buruk. Love u atuk.

ok, dah. NEXT.

and..and..while waiting atuk also, i tried some glasses and a vintage CD catched my eyes. I flipped the tag, RM 540. This is cheap. "Hey uncle, ini brapa u kasi?".."Hmmmm RM 300"..Woweee!! Murahhhh. Surely itu barang sudah lama disitu bertahun2 and i dun mind paying RM 300 for it. Okay, Im not rushing. I'll do a deep thinking tonight and just grab it nanti when atuk's glasses is ready.

Vision Optical House at Jalan Sulaiman is terbaek! Don't google, people. Sure tadak punya. Haha!
Such a happy day today, but i miss aboo still. Hiks.

Monday, June 8, 2009

i miss itu swift biroo

1. i love lomo pictures.. 2. i jogged today.. 3. i had dinner at rasta.. 4. i settled my thesis ammendment.. 5. i need to send the binded thesis by friday.. 6. i'm leaving to spore on friday nite and coming back on monday..(Saturday: Holland Village and Sentosa. Sunday: Survey barang2 utk dibeli and Night Safari. Monday: Beli and balik. Selasa: MENYESAL..7. i'm too lazy for rekacipta.. 8. i'm sending nenek to dentist and datok for his new glasses tmorrow.. 9. i'm a part-time housewife, mum is away to kelantan 10. i miss aboo, desperately..

Sunday, June 7, 2009

an addiction

lomography becomes an addiction
the addiction of seeing things
every snap creates a curiosity
every curiosity builds an expectation
and every expectation brings you UP or DOWN
u be the judge. tell me =)

oh.. i'm keeping my heart strong. i miss aboo, badly. it is not something to do with curiosity or expectation. but, this is the thing i see that brings me down, at the moment.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

option to choose

Value that is found in friendships is often the result of a friend demonstrating the following on a consistent basis: (Source: Wikipedia)

The choice is yours.
The Council or to the Dark Side?
How about lalang? hahaha

Friday, June 5, 2009

something i loike...do you?

YOU maybe wont like it.

another wedding

attended naili's bro wedding at the Club, Bukit Utama
nice food, nice people

Thursday, June 4, 2009

first lomo entry

delicia. betul betul sedap!!!
very niceeeee..

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Breaking the Silence

I've been very busy lately
keje till 2 am everyday
i miss jogging w the girls
i miss mamak w the kutus
and i miss ABOO :(

(ini adalah gambar hiasan sahaja)

he must be enjoying the countryside in london
a msg from aboo telling the nenek's kampung is nice
near a nice park, dia g jogging kot
and near to stonehenge
next time nak ikot okay syg?