Friday, October 30, 2009


source: lovelulumae
i want one of these Fascinators!!!!!

k a z i m

1. Congratulations Cik Bam and Apeng for your new born baby boy two days ago.. 2. the two kutus enjoyed mendukung baby..haha 3. but i actually scared to hear cik bam's story (apeng's story sbnarnya) of delivering the baby without taking ephidural.. shittt.. sure sakit giler 4. tapi nak baby gak

Monday, October 26, 2009

'F'inky Couture

Acrylic on paper

Pinky Couture

wan eva qistina

+ thith ith eva
+ eva ith 2 y/o
+ peathee!!

Bandar Si Kancil


the jonkers

+ we (faha, kiau, bob and meself) went to malacca during the weekend
+ main activities: kebaya nyonya and makannnn
+ assam pedas, assam laksa and cendol
+ i bought myself kebaya nyonya and sarung, faha too
+ and the sarongs were very tempting
+ rugi kalau tak beli, its cheap pon (Rm25-Rm45)
+ i came out with an idea to buat baju kurung using kain sarong
+ to buy a super pretty kebaya nyonya is ridicolous, RM1200

+ we stayed at Hereen Guesthouse
+ suprisingly the place is really cozy and pretty
+ near to everywhere, and located at the end lot,
near to sungai melaka

+ jonker st sangat la happening,
tarian org tua yg mengkagumkan kami semua
+ lepak at a coffee house with a very nice music,
played by 'orang istimewa'
+ touching, but head banging
+ not to forget, beca (layan kiau)
+ and the galleries
+ we missed the kebaya nyonya's museum
+ but its okay, nanti pergi lagi okay?

+ so whats next?
+ Miami, faha?
+ dream onnn

*pictures on the next entry

Friday, October 23, 2009

it's fink

+ it's a new background y'all !
+ u dun like it?
+ it's pink! support ape ke cancer week tu ;)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

penuh istiadat

+ so uve seen my convo pictures on my previous pot
+ cantik kan gbr?
+ i just got back fr uitm collecting my gambar convo
with DYMM Tengku Mizan
+ yaw, i wasnt trying to seduce him okay! hahaha
+ tak suka gbr tu
+ nak repeat convo bole? *cry*

Istiadat Konvokesyen ke-71

Pictures credit to Shutterbugz Studio
+ i finally graduated
+ after all the migraine sessions i had every month,
selesai sudah
+ boleh nanges kalau pikir balik,
but it was fun actually
+ at least i know that i am strong
+ not many can go through,
some do it halfway, some dun have the chance pon to do it
+ i am one lucky human on earth

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

fred's married

+ yeah, fred's married
+ last year
+ but these pictures only published on rosli's fb yesterday
+ everybody looks younger in the pictures, haha

Monday, October 19, 2009

jassy's open house

+ it was jasara's open house last sturday
+ i think that was the first raya gathering with more tkcians setelah sebulan syawal
+ i missed a lot of raya open house i.e: mar's, zack's and..hmm?
+ anyway, adik jasara, ira is super hot. nak start bole?

+ suprisingly, jaja is the tallest among all?
+ Phewitt lah

+ and bob, with her new look
+ congrates darl! (nampak cam muka atie sikit)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

p.s i love you endlessly

Thank You Alfi for your support and understanding
throughout my years doing the M.Sc.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Luq's Aqiqah

1. Luq is 1 month plus already 2. Luq is k.In's first baby 3. K.In is bob's sister 4. The aqiqah was held at Tmn Melawati, 2 pm on the same day my abang's engagement 5. The traffic was super bad, people were out for open house to get free foods ;) 6. The door gift's yummy and cute too 7. Kiau sebenarnya ramai peminat, the siapa-punya-anak-boy and the annoying little girl.. 8. and THE girl bodek baek, 'Kiau kakak paling cantek among all'..aww~

abang got engaged

+ 10/10/09
+ yeah, they finally engaged after 7 yrs of relationship
+ im happy everythng went well,
except for atuk's own script ;)
+ our hantarans were pretty
+ but i dun quite like theor hantarans to us yang berkonsepkan 'sangkar'. heh
+ congratulations to both

Friday, October 9, 2009


+ so, henny is going back to Melbourne again this sunday
+ since i know ill be busy this weekend for abang's engagement and also my convo rehearsal,
we planned to meet up yesterday for a coffee at the curve
+ mar alladad, suka hati kau bagi alasan takot jalan jam, chait
+ zac, the henny's gang party were there too
+ ejay, the steward was there too with his hot red shorts
+ takde gamba dia la pulak
+ jezara suddenly rang me on my way to pick up abu for dinner
+ rindu la konon nye itu and ini lah her definition of beraya bersama
+ jaja and kiau came to join us too
+ 'lepak at mamak' is her definition of beraya bersama
+ and jezara, yang penting sekarang, bukan dulu
+ 'burrrp, kenyang aku tengok'

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

s . k . s . s

maryam and erma,
thanx for coming the other day
and u did it well before ur wedding day, maryam
'attention seeker'

karok session

So yea, I had a karaoke session with husni's usual suspects last Friday;
budak kecik, rokcstar doc, not with the cool (boyband) doc...
but the cool (boyband) pilot and manager

lepaking session after karaoke
there you go;
the cheeky ayol, the silly shiraz, the smiley subly and the busy yusry
'we had joy...we had fun...
we have season in the sunnn..
la la laaaaaa
da di du da daaaaa'

Monday, October 5, 2009

hip and happening

i had fun during my open house yesterday, not many were invited since ia hanya lah kecil-kecilan sahaja and only the one yg very close sahaja datang. it started at 3 pm, maszamri and partner were the first to come, paling dekat kan. nak harap mia? hmph

i am glad that all my bestfriends came, and feiyah! thanx for coming, i love you. as usual, the girls just loveeeee taking pictures to compare sapa paling tinggi, sapa paling nampak kurus and sapa ada tripppple chins ;) but i am more than happy that we dont have any pouting mouth pictures. hehs.
this year- linda's first visit to my place, after 8 tahun berkawan. hahaha. and it will take another 2 years for me to make a visit to her place, kota kinabalu. that is only when she gets married, aku sanggup pergi.

aaandd..this is the third time me and abu beraya bersama, if im not mistaken, kan sayang?... and he never failed to give me duit raya. i love you.

my house is actually kutus' padang sasar. they would surely test their power with the archery thingy and this yr, we have a new shooting thngy- a sniper.. and thanx to amir for the sacrifices to layan2 abang2 kutu ini, walaupon PMR is just around the corner.
im not too sure if its jadi ke tak suprise ini..but, Happy Birthday Dr Oger! Cake strawbewwwy tak tahan tu ;P
para-para kutus ini pantang jumpa mercun! (mak aku dalam bilik risau polis datang..haha..begitu lah agaknya perasaan ibu kepada husni the other day)..bukan mercun dah ni, bunga api budak2 pon dah seronok dapat mainn.
and, finally the annual raya pictures.. half went back already during the photoshoot. Anyway, thank you for coming and thank you for making it a blast!!..