Friday, July 31, 2009

heart to heart

+ its daddy's bday tmrw, erk
+ im not the eldest, but i hv to in charge for dad's, like always
+ so, its sri thai for dinner tmrw ok?
+ tokwe is here, set your priority right
+ lenka is here also, takde org nak pegi
+ heart to art, art to heart ke heart to heart? hahaha
+ mia has a plan for gallery, ahaa..?
+ im goyang-ing kaki at the ofc
+ i feel like going home to do painting
+ tomorrow's saturday already? wow
+ cepat laaaa rabu depan ;)
+ oh im sooooo dreamy abou 'art to heart' thngy
+ i miss feiyah

Thursday, July 30, 2009


so u see, its a new header!
not footer
special thanx to amira aminuddin
if people can rebrand themselves many times, why cant i
and a company can spend money for rebranding, i dun spend any :)
ok fine, i spent my time

damn it cicak

+ a cicak in my mug this morning. babi. eh, cicak!
+ i need more job
+ and more..
+ and moreeee..
+ dad pows me for shelves, jom ikea
+ im not feeling well lately
+ i want to hang my paintings on the wall
+ i need wall..
+ trouble is not a friend actually
+ bimba and lola have the bag i wanted, lets go to b&l
+ lets go to jc/ mj too
+ hey simpan duit la

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

being lazy

+ im too lazy to work
+ i wanna do paintings only
+ can u support me? ;)
+ the H1N1 is a scary thngy
living in a house with two quarantined kids
+ i love my ugly betty's look
+ trouble is a friend
+ jasara's back, and the world is noisy
+ ......
+ i want badminton session more often,
with nisha tagging along, okay mat?
+ i want the bohemian bag
but anyway thanx hus
+ sabtu, please cepat sikit

Monday, July 27, 2009

free flow

Acrylic on Canvas

courtesy of salisma yanty saleh

I was at BV2 this evening meeting my supplier. I remember there was a painting shop near F.O.S at BV1, tapi tgk2 tiada. So lantak la. Jalan2 kejap, bought Robinson Summer Fruit at Cold Storage and otw to the carpark, i walked into a kedai jual painting yg sgt keanak2an, and very colourful..and they sell it for RM160, 1 ft x 1 ft je kot. Cheh. But there's a few la yg catched my eyes, I saved it in my head, nanti saya buat okay. Oh, i bought canvas lagik.

+Im now too lazy to blog actually, tapi saya lawan! ;)
+I love aboo more today
+Im broke, nak gaji cepat pls
+No, no..i cant collect the phone earlier than the booking date. shit.
+kebakaran kecil at home. we lost our toaster.
+i want a Fringe Handbag, kalau bukan Prada pon takpe.
+I miss aboo everyday..

Sunday, July 26, 2009

the best kind of love

Im having a good weekend so far, minus the work i had to do smalam. I cancelled the visit to a gallery, sorry participants. The karaoke session on friday night was awesome, got to hear a rockstar doctor singing..and...and.. thanx husni!!.. do it more often okay.

Im loving the mee hoon sup at Gulam, but thats not the reason for me to be at Kota Damansara everyday ;) Yeah and now, im contemplating to go for jogging today. For what i know, im giving the best kind of love..and im sure about it.

My lil brother and sister are quarantined for a week, a holiday for them. Due to that, i have to cancel my kenduri doa kesyukuran. 9th August? I need to check with the catering and kambas. And I hope the Amsterdam's kutus can make it. Flight malam kan?

Okay, i need to do the cooking. The ma'am is cuti during weekend. Chalo!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Lenka is coming

"Buat peminat Lenka di Malaysia, ini ada satu berita baik untuk anda apabila penyanyi ini akan mengadakan sebuah persembahan istimewa dan sesi autograf bersama peminat pada 2 Ogos ini bertempat di pintu masuk utama, Kompleks Membeli-Belah 1 Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor." -Utusan Malaysia

Kutussssss, lets go please. Im not a big fan of her, just liking her songs. Yeah, sure ramai org, tapi kita cuba pergi k? Who's in?

Im going off for a meeting later, then karaoke with the kutus. Have a nice weekend people!!! I'll be working tmrw. Damn it.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

kilometre five

Acrylic on Canvas.

Kilometre five.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

im feeling good thumb is getting better, walaupun its still bleeding and bengkak.. 2. MY doctor checks on me everyday ;).. 3. i cant wait for an iphone...(ayahhh, nak duit).. 4. ive been a good girl, stay at home after work.. 5. Selangor Corporate Video Mandarin Version is a never ending project..ammendment with YB Teresa on Friday!..6. im addicted to paintings, u might not like my paintings, but i do.. 7. i need a good lightings at home, i screwed my 'kilometre 5' already.. 8. i never thought that i have so much to learn about drawing..stroke? composition? cropping? damn.. 9. my baba bubbles series is a jigsaw.. 10. im feelin good... but most of the time is just my acting

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Baba Bubbles III

Acrylic on Canvas

Nah! Nah! Nah! Nak muntah dah tgk bubbles.

Baba Bubbles III.


I wanna quit job, and do paintings, boleh tak? Anyway, i found this somewhere and thot of sharing..

"Erternity is a terrible thought.
I mean, where's it going to end?"

Tiada kaitan dengan hidup atau pun mati. I love you, Aboo.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Baba Bubbles II

Base: Watercolour, Pattern: Acrylic
on Canvas

Im working on Nyonya Kebaya Series. Tired with the stencils for the patter, i took a break and paint sthng about similar with yesterday's.

Baba Bubbles II.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Baba Bubbles

Base: Watercolour, Pattern: Arcrylic
on Canvas

I get bored as i watched The City Marathon just now. So yea, went up to my room and start to paint something within an hour. Here it goes.

Baba Bubbles.

blonde moment

I injured my thumb, terkepit dan tercepit pintu. heh. went to see doctor, she refused to 'cucuk' my nail unless if i need to use my thumb urgently. duh. i came back with volteran, papes and the pain on my thumb. I couldnt sleep on friday night because of the pain.

Anyway, thanx to Dr. Oger for the advice, to Dr. Shiras for the advice again and big thanx to Dr. Aboo for the surgery. Ahahaha. Saya terlalu percaya aboo for doing anythng to me, damn it! but, I can move my thumb now and less pain!

Im watching 'my sassy girl' on Star Movies right now, and i want to finish my painting later. I really want to go to a gallery at Bangsar South, anyone interested?

Friday, July 17, 2009


1.i went to watch Harry Potter last nite with my bunch of friends.. 2. ive paid deposit for iphone.. 3. im pening where to korek duit for iphone, very nice.. 4. i have a weird uncle, mid-life crisis i guess.. 5. thank you mr tong yeo for the pears you delivered, thats so sweet of you. hope to deal with you again!..6. im not sure about perhentian, i hate to be alone.. 7. i really want to go to melbourne to visit my dearest Henny and Sanah.. 8. i love my paintings..sorry abu, i tak sure nak kasi u ke tak (think).. 9. my mama saiko, she cancelled to go out because dia rase dia langgar anak kucing, tapi sbnarnya tidak.. 10. i hate pick pockets, Sectumsempra!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

imperfect me

One of the true blessings in life:
the people who find perfection in your imperfection.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

apa kata perhentian?

a fren was asking if i wanna join his trip to perhentian on 14-17th August. hahah! what say me? ok kot, but kiau asked, "ko takde abu ok ke?" ahah. if he can go to amsterdam without me, saya pon kena boleh jugak.

so far, mateen and gf, jasara and fiance, ina and kiau.

jap, jap..bagi saya fikir dulu..pening, pening

+oh its time to get a new watch. my 10years-gucci-turun-temurun my mum gave me cam dah mati mati. battery ke? i thot i just had it changed last year. hmm technomarine?

Monday, July 13, 2009

i tagged myself

Oil painting on Canvas

Decided not to go for jogging,
but i did this instead.. ;)
i recieved comments on fb and ym too.
its funny and kurang ajau la korang ni.
sikapitan: aku rase ko ade tambah2 la kat painting ni
teddy bwoy: bab tetek tu..btul2 kau buat bulat cantikkk je ek
Painting can do magics.

Liana Lovett

I slept at 2 am last nite just because busy searching for type of painting i can do best. I realized i cant do oil painting sgt, but i would love to join oil painting class to learn about the medium and techniques. Yeah, i think i should. Watercolour painting is easy for me, so might as well i do sthng i can do best.
As i googling 'painting class', i found sthng that really catched my eyes. John Lovett, a professional Australian artist, painting in oil, watercolour and mixed media. Look at his paintings, lovely colours. Sweet.
Im working on my second painting using oil painting, tanak mengalah lagi, believing i still can do it. Hahah. Ade je org suka my own schwinn.

+Anyway, have you heard of genetic-crisis? My youngest sis is experiencing the crisis . My mum and I find it funny. Prolly, she had a difficult genetic crossover during her days im mum's tummy.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

me and basikal

  • I woke up early thought of joining atuk, abang and adik to kebun, but malas and i need to go to idya's kenduri pon.
  • The pekebuns came back early, before going to the kenduri. I shouldve just tagged along.
  • I had nasi ayam paling sedap sekali di dunia before kenduri, and im sorry kiau and jaja for the 10 minutes wait at bangi toll plaza.

  • Idya made the right color selection ey? and the right angle to take picture too! hehe
  • Kiau has the bragging'g right to brag about the coloured cert. Shazu, silakan panjat! =)
  • Okay, after wedding i had a nap before going to the routine lepaking session with the kd kutus.


  • I woke early juga today for breakfast at village park, i had n.lemak ayam for RM 6.80. I noticed i eat a lot lately. Weird. No, no..not pregnant.
  • Went to Kg Paya Jaras in Sg buloh to visit abbas's fellow friends.

  • Look!! Anak and mak are very identical. Comelll
  • Oh i really had fun at the farm. Bicycle! haha
  • I had lunch at One U with my family celebrating Mirah's bday.
  • And again, did my routine thngy with the kutus.
  • Reached home around 8, thought i should continue with my painting.
  • Tadaaa! i hate it, but Aboo finds its cantik. Sweet talk kot. I should do sthng with the background.

  • That's how my weekend ends. A tragic painting. Is it?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

my own schwinn

Yeahhhh!! Finally i painted one. I started to sketch during office hour, an hour before i went back home. I continued while watching The Simpsons. It didnt take long tho. Most of the time, i feel nervous, afraid of tak jadi. Heh.

I started to paint secara gamble at 12.00am. Seriously i think i need and shouldve joined Painting Class to get the right technique and some tips. But after about 1.5 hrs, hmmm not badddddd. Okay, this one is unfinished. I still nedd to touch up a bit and coloring the background..=) Im off to bed smiling. Nites people.

Friday, July 10, 2009


1. ive been gaji buta-ing lately.. 2. i really wanted to start painting, soon.. 3. im happily quoting additional cost for the video, mandarin version.. 4. i wonder how Moyong looks like, a pendekar/ pahlawan? He left Kajang in 1966 and merantau to Raub. He's the one who cycled from Kajang to HKL to send lunch pack for atuk masa accident.. 6. i need more jobs, my billing is low for the past 2 mths..7. i want to go to Amsterdam too, damn!.. 8. im planning for another vacation end of the year, 10 days of leave left..NO, cannot carry fwd.. 9. im broke this month, Rm900 for kambing golek.. 10. im not impressed sangat with my uncle's painting, hmmm..but the one 'remembering merang beach' is nice.. 11. i missed no. 5

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Let's start Monotone

Ive been wanting to learn canvas painting, but to go for a class is time consuming and im afraid IF i dont have time for my boyfriend. Ke my bf yg afraid if i dont have time for him? hehe. Oh well, i have option. To learn online, or get a book and learn basic. I can draw, i can sketch and i can do straight line without a ruler =). All i want to know is the techniques, materials and tips.

These are the thing id like to paint. Start with Black and White. What dya think? Eh i kinda like la my picture with aboo =p
Let's go to Border's and Kinokuniya!! Let's get some books! or should i just do it online?
Lepas tu jual! haha. Aboo can do marketing. 20% macha, amacam? Hahah.

Monday, July 6, 2009

6 days later

The journey of getting to Laban Rata was torturing. The first 2.5 km was okay, exciting. It started to feel mentally and physically abused at the 3 rd km. I made it 8 hrs to Laban Rata.
Okay, i know what u wanna hear, I didnt make it to the summit. I only survived at Sayat-Sayat Hut, located at 3,668m, which is another 1.8km to the Summit of Borneo - the Low's Peak. The trail is very steep, almost 70° angle. It is my regret for me not to depart earlier that morning to the summit. If not, im sure i would make it. And thanx for my love for the sacrifice to follow my pace, and im sorry to be the reason for you not making it to the summit. The journey from Laban Rata to Kinabalu Park is another thing. Kaki goyah, and it was raining when I reached the 3km down. But im glad that I reached Kinabalu Park before senja. Okay enough about Kinabalu.

Let talk about Kota Kinabalu.

We stayed for 3 nights at One City Hotel. Near to everything. Massage place, Philipino Market, Dataran silap pulak..Wisma Merdeka la.. and Waterfront.

The food there was nice, really nice (Thanx hus). Im liking sabah's vege, very much.

We planned to go to Pulau Sapi and Manukan at 9.00 am on Saturday, but haha. Knowing us, we headed to the jetty at 1pm. But yeah, we managed to cover both island and it was awesome. Nice beach, nice island. But personally, i like perhentian better.
I enjoyed taking pictures. Except that the batteris for lomo sux giler. I shouldve used Energizer. Oh, Kiau can take good pictures too, thanx kiau. Berdebar kan?
Sampai di sini sahaja my summary on the Kinabalu trip. More pictures to come, maybe. I recommend Kinabalu if u wanna go for holiday.. and i love alfian.