Tuesday, February 23, 2010


1. since saya merajuk w dad semalam, i had dinner outside 2. since abu wanted to go to gym, i had a dinner w Linda 3. since we had it at papparich, i ate assam laksa 4. since Linda just got back from kk, she got me a packet of kuih cincin 5. Yayy!

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Monday, February 22, 2010

a tiring weekend

+ had a very tiring weekend
+ got to work on Friday night
and Saturday too, morning and evening
+ Diarhea at night
+ KL City Run was fun,
the-first-and-the-last members joined
(Nizam and Kiau)
+ i didnt perform well tho
+ aaaaanyway, i reached office as usual around 9:15 am today
+ lucky i was earlier than my boss
+ but, it was not a good start of the day
+ so, fuck it..i wanna quit my job
+ it's not fun anymore
+ and thanx love, i had a good cry

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Extreme Challenge - Skytrex Adventure

+ hah! it was fun,
eventhough i was quite nervous before it started
(pergi toilet dua kali..hee)
+ Faha, seperti biasa our 'ironwoman' umpama jaguh hutan
+ tempat ini sesuai untuk mereka2 yang ingin menguji ke-pengecutan terhadap heights
+ dan tidak lain tidak bukan,
ia juga sesuai untuk menjadi lokasi memulakan bibit2 percintaan
(sila rujuk lampiran dibawah)

+ enjoy the pictures!

Bob's BBQ

+ my blog is becoming an album ;)

+ so malas to write

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

long weekend

+ so, its gonna be a long weekend, it's CNY
+ it's ayam's wedding tomorrow at Subang, im going
+ kiau is planning for Skytrex Adventure on Monday
+ going to Jovian's boutique on Tuesday,
dun get me wrong, im helping out my bestfren
+ what's on val's day? heehee
+ a BBQ with the Rose Family
+ Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Holidays! ;)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

oh mazlin !

+ i'm lucky to have nice friends around me in this world
+ I knew Mazlin back in UIA,
some says she's sexy, cute with a nice asset
(minus her blur faces)
+ but for me, she's a friend you can rely on ;)
+ not just a friend yang hanya pada nama, ouch!
+ to have a friend is to be a friend

+ anyway, she's leaving for Melbourne
doing her Part 2 / Master's in Architecture
+ celebrated her farewell dinner at The Apartment, KLCC

+ okay, mazlin likes to travel
+ see, she was busy showing off her Mike and pictures

+ and, promoting Bali "RM3k je untuk hidup sebulan"
+ yeah rite, not many can take cuti sampai sebulan okay

+ we gonna miss you so much (as in me and mat especially)
+ ill see u at mat's wedding okay?
+ plsss cut your hair short, ure going to watch Pearl Jam!

+ and sure, me and abu akan sampai sana ok?


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

so u think u need a fake eye lashes..?

+ i never tried/ used an expensive mascara, or in fact, any expensive make ups item
+ ok fine, i use M.A.C compact powder, thats it
+ ive been using SilkyGirl's mascara, buy-1-free-1 item (RM14.90), the one that makes ur eyes look smoky when even a drop of water falls on ur eyes, not waterproof
+ and..jeng jeng jeng..!
+ to go out and spend time even for a minute with my sister always end up getting myself somethng
+ she's into make ups (before her bf told her not to put so much of make ups on, she used to put a heavy make ups walaupon ke mamak, hah!), she's a student but she owns a lotttt of M.A.C, BobbyBrown and all that funk (ah! ..and all that funk!), compared to me
+ so yeah, i just bought myself a Majolica Majorca mascara under her influence
+ it may sounds so kodi, but it is actually Sheseido's
+ and.. not like any other mascara packaging.. no..i mean, the bekas, its cantik ;)
+ go get urself one, and try! It makes ur lashes longer too! haha

+ shittt, why am i talking about mascara here?
+ because im watching 'So u think u can dance', and it's boring

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Thursday, February 4, 2010

i am

emotionally down
P r e m e n s t r u a l s y m p t o m s ?
maybe not

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

hello stalkers ;)

+ thanx for making the number grows faster

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Koh Lipe.....and all that funk

29 th Jan - 1 Feb 2010

Lipeh Lipah

+ im still malas to blog about it :)

+ i love my bestfriends
+ and i enjoyed spending time and laughing at their 'jokes'
+ anyway, Aitor went to KL with his boss
+ and kitorang terpikir 'somtehing' on the night at Peace and Love
+ bikini bottom terbukak is not funny okay
+ 'babi la kau!'
+ sunshine (!!)
+ besides being stranded di tengah lautan
for about abt hour before another ferry came to rescue us,
it was all fun :)
+ and do u regret for not coming back to KL on Sunday?
+ har har har

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