Tuesday, June 25, 2013

milk factory

Never thought that it is actually not easy to be a 'milk factory', to only one baby.
I have been breast pumping for a few days already. I pumped 15-30 mins per session.
I know it is not a good timing, but I just could not bear the pain, from the suction.

More tips and techniques need to be researched.

So lazy to compare, because I think it is just unfair.
I get 40ml (both sides) per session, which can only get an accumulative of one full 5oz per day. While others (a mom of an 11mths old baby) can do triple of what I do.

Read somewhere, "...being tense, stressed, angry or upset can block the milk from flowing so make sure you relax and enjoy your baby for feeds."

So Bapak, bear with mom, as much as mom bears the pain of breast milk pumping (and all sort of post delivery pains - backpain, the stitches, the pain at the v if i walk a lot).

Appreciate it a lot. 

Mom loves Bapak, nonetheless.

Mom loves Alana, more.


Ah Ai Laugh Out Loud said...

15-30 mins is a lot! maybe you can try Power Pumping babe. do it at midnight or during subuh. 10 mins for each breast. do it for an hour. in a week you'll see a superb result. mencurah2. and always believe in demand-supply. i dulu sakit masa pumping what i do, Marmet! a natural way. and sebenarnya Marmet akan kuar lebih byk susu trust me. my son awal dulu mmg kuat masa sucking. train him from day to day. lama2 lidah dia ok. best of luck!

Michelle Vanessa Lee said...

oh! Risau my turn nanti. Teruja reading about motherhood. Waiting for my turn yang macam tak sampai2 lagi... SOBS. DO share baby photo, interested to see!

Motherhood can be the most difficult and painful period (especially kalau daddy is not very helpful or supportive) but it's such a beautiful gift God has given us all, the ability to conceive n bring new life upon this world.

You're so blessed!